What is the difference between sponsored promotion and organic promotion?

which method should you choose for your business?

In simple words: organic promotion is when you improve the content, visibility, user experience and other elements that make the site more pleasant for surfers. As a result, the surfers spend more time on the site, or perform actions on the site that show the search engine (usually Google) that it is a high-quality and interesting site that meets the desires of the surfers.
Therefore, the search engine will show the site to more people who will search for the relevant phrase.
You don’t actually pay money to Google for them to introduce you.

In contrast, sponsored promotion is when you pay for an ad or a series of sponsored ads (advertisements), which appear on the search engine results pages, and are marked with the “ad” label that appears next to the result. The ads are usually placed above or to the right of the organic search results.
In the sponsored promotion, you do actually pay money to Google for them to introduce you.

Sponsored = You paid me money, so you will show up
Organic = you are relevant and interesting, so you will appear

Main advantages of organic promotion

It is possible with a one-time investment to reach the first places and stay there
Customers perceive the brand as reliable because it is in the first results
Main disadvantages of organic promotion
Sometimes it takes time to see results.
Competition is very tough in some areas.
Main benefits of sponsored promotion
Helps get more traffic quickly.
You can pay to appear on specific sites where the target audience is.
Main disadvantages of sponsored promotion
Sponsored promotion is that it may be more expensive than organic promotion, and there is no guarantee that you will get a contribution for your money.
The ads are clearly marked as “sponsored” or “advertisement”, which makes people not click on them.
There is a phenomenon where competitors click on your ads to make you spend money.

So which method should you choose for your business?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question. It depends on the type of business, budget, goals and other factors.
If you have a small budget, you will probably want to focus on organic promotion. But if the budget is respectable,
So you can afford to invest in both organic and sponsored.
The bottom line is that you should choose the promotion method that best suits your business.

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