Microcopy: an effective tool to improve the conversion rate in digital marketing

Microcopy has become an important part of digital marketing in recent years. Many experts agree that it can be used to improve conversion rates on websites and other digital marketing campaigns. But what is microscopic, and what makes it so effective? In the next article, we will explain what microcopy is, what is the difference between it and copywriting, and how you can use microcopy to improve the conversion rate in digital marketing.

What is microscopic?

Microcopy is a term used to describe small pieces of text used in digital marketing, such as website buttons, form labels, and error messages. Microcopy’s goal is to help users understand what they need to do, and guide them through the process. Microcopy can be used to improve the usability of a website and increase the conversion rate by making the exact content easier for users to take the desired action.

What is the difference between microcopy and copywriting?

Microcopy is different from copywriting, which is the process of creating a persuasive and marketing-focused text. Copywriting is about selling, while microcopy is about helping. Microcopy should be clear, concise, and helpful, without being too pushy, while copywriting should persuade, motivate and get users to take action.

How and when is a microcopy used?

Microcopy can be used in many different ways to improve conversion rates. For example, a microscope can be used to:

  • Explain what a user should do on the site or in the form. For example, “Want to be in touch? Fill in the following details and we’ll call you automatically :)”
  • Help the user understand an error message. For example, “Oops, something seems to be wrong! Let’s try again this time, we have marked in red where there is an error”)
  • Encourage the user to take the desired action. For example, “instead of a normal “add to cart” button, you can write “a few more clicks and this product is yours!”

Making a microcopy is not so simple. Our recommendation is to start by creating the initial content, then perform an initial microscopic upgrade, and then let the content “rest” so that you can come back and check it after you have calmed down. What you will be surprised to discover is that in a second pass over the text, you will get lots of new ideas that you will want to use to upgrade the content of your ads or website! guess what..? A third pass on the content will improve it even more!

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