Want to “crash” a show and still be comfortable? Meet the platform shoes

The platform shoes have been with us for quite a few years and they are here to stay. You no longer have to choose comfort over style.

What makes platform shoes comfortable?

The main plus that makes platform shoes comfortable is a uniform sole height for the entire length of the shoe, which creates an equal and uniform distribution of the body’s weight along the entire length of the foot.
In addition, the thick heel of the platform shoes gives stability, cushioning, and a good grip to the foot in contrast to thin heel shoes, where all the weight of the foot is only on the toes, which can cause pain and injuries in the ankle and back.

Platform shoes are a winning combination of comfort, quality, and style

In the past, platform shoes were seen as comfortable but less beautiful. In recent years, special emphasis has been placed on their visibility and design. Platform shoes come in a wide variety of styles: sandals for the warm season, doll shoes, sneakers for a sporty look, boots for cold days in a variety of models and heights suitable for everyday or evening wear. High-quality soles with a small slope for optimal tread and to prevent slipping.

You no longer need to carry a change of high heels in your bag, today platform shoes allow you to enjoy all the worlds – a comfortable and high-quality shoe, which gives you height and length and at the same time is also beautiful and fashionable every day and in every situation.

young stylish girl in pink platform shoes brogues and skirt cycling on vintage bike on embankment.

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