Do you like to invest in underwear? 3 textures you shouldn’t miss

For many women, their underwear is the source of their strength and confidence in everyday life. They like to invest in their underwear, but according to fashion, and do not compromise on quality. If you’re one of those people who won’t be caught with a set of mismatched bra and panties, like to invest in yourself, and defines yourself as a lingerie lover, come and learn about 3 textures you shouldn’t miss.


The first and most talked about texture in the world of underwear. The lace stars in this world and you can find it on both underwear and bras. More than that, you can find panties and bras that are all made of lace, and you can find ones that the lace only decorates and adds grace to.


Many women do not compromise when it comes to underwear (especially underwear) and buy only cotton fabric. The texture is pleasant to the touch and above all much healthier for our lowered organs. The cotton allows our organs to breathe and prevents chafing and infectious diseases.

Rib cloth

Riv fabric is a fabric with a kind of stripes embedded in the fabric itself, that is, the stripes are not drawn on the fabric but part of the fabric. You can see this texture today also in shirts, knitwear, braids, and more, but it has also arrived in the world of underwear in a big way.

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