Are you getting married in winter? – Choose a wedding dress that will keep you warm

The wedding day is significant and exciting in your life. If the date of your wedding is set for winter, it is very important to adapt the design of the wedding dress to the low temperatures, for you to be comfortable, and cozy and to be able to look and feel your best.

A winter wedding has a unique charm: the refreshing smell of rain in the air, the plants and fields are green and the sky is painted in a variety of spectacular shades, which create natural and romantic lighting.
It is very important to adapt the wedding dress to the cold season so that you can look amazing without cold and wake up chilled the next day.

Use of appropriate fabrics

The fabrics from which the winter wedding dress will be sewn are of crucial importance:

  1. It is important to choose thicker fabrics, with a high fiber density.
  2. Opaque fabrics – if it rains a little and the dress gets wet, it won’t become transparent.
  3. Adding a lining to the wedding dress will be another warming layer.

the length of the dress

In winter, it is better to choose a long and warm wedding dress, rather than a short mini dress. You can add a beautiful belt to the dress that will emphasize the waist or a side slit that will give it a more feminine and sensual dimension.

Long dress sleeves

A wedding dress with long sleeves will give a warming, elegant and impressive addition.
You can add to the dress removable sleeves or a fur top, long and flowing sleeves made of chiffon or silk, which give the dress a noble look, or lace sleeves for a delicate and princely design.

Choosing a winter wedding dress from high quality and beautiful fabrics, with flattering textures is critical on your wedding day because, in the end, we are the most beautiful we feel good and comfortable on the outside but mostly on the inside.

Bride in wedding white dress walking on meadow in summer at sunset

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